Джиджи Хадид: как она себя чувствует после того, как бывший парень Тайлер Кэмерон повеселился с друзьями

The ex-boyfriend of Gigi Hadid Tyler Cameron was in the circle of his friends, hanging out with Kendall Jenner and other friends. We have information about what she feels about it.
For 24-year-old Gigi Hadid must be a little strange to see her ex-boyfriend, 26-year-old Tyler Cameron went on a vacation with PAL Kendall Jenner, 24 years in the game “Los Angeles Rams vs Baltimore Ravens” on November 25. A group of friends, including stars of the nation’s bachelors, Dylan Barbour and Peter Weber, and friend of Kar-Jenner, Stasi, Karanikolov. But it was not the only case, when Tyler was hanging out with the Stasi and was flirting with her in a West Hollywood club on November 22, so now he’s definitely with the team of Kar-Jenner.

Джиджи Хадид: как она себя чувствует после того, как бывший парень Тайлер Кэмерон повеселился с друзьями
“Gigi really have no thoughts one way or another, if Tyler is hanging out with Kendall and her friends. Before Gigi started Dating Tyler, he was already in the circle of her friends, therefore, not surprising that in this moment he’s spending time in the company of his friends,” the source said. “When they broke up, between them, there were no hard feelings, things just went on as usual, and she really wishes him all the best. Gigi does her thing, and Tyler too, all right.”
Gigi and Tyler started an online flirtation in July, when he still saw vying for the heart of Hannah brown on “the Bachelorette”. She followed him in Instagram and he followed her. How come the finale, where Hannah threw him in favor of jed Wyatt — whom she later dumped when she learned that his home has a secret friend Tyler and Gigi came together.
After only six days after the final Rose Gigi and Tyler were seen, when they bought the drinks in Brooklyn on August 4. He was photographed leaving the apartment this morning, several times, and he’s so close that Gigi brought Tyler to the funeral of her grandmother in the Netherlands. September 5. But in early October, the stunning couple broke up.

“Gigi ended the relationship with Tyler, her side there are no lingering feelings, and zero drama, so she’s more than happy with the fact that he communicates with his friends,” as reported by a second source. “And if she was there with Kendall (in the game, “Rams”) and Tyler appeared, she could handle that, it’s not a problem for her. And the same with whoever he met, Gigi still.

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