Gift teachers: how rebel star “Daddy’s daughters”

Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек» In April of 2013, to screen out the latest series of the popular series, which showed more than five years. “StarHit” learned how the female lead roles was going through puberty. Close Actresses shared their secrets.
Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек»


For the filming of the TV series the actress had to leave his native Omsk. Moving to the capital was for Melnikova crucial. A girl a few months got the idea for this and it has paid off: glory fell upon her instantly. I must say, at such a young age Daria was not the first to have made such a huge decision. “When we were in eighth grade, we had a huge load, – shares with “StarHit” Irina Medvedev, a friend. – As-that Dasha came home in tears, upset. Approaching the parents, said: “I want to go to eighth grade again, because of poor academic performance”. Close began to calm down, to say that evaluation is not important in life, but Melnikova was adamant. In the end, Dashka left in the second year.”

Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек»


The eldest daughter of Sergey Vasnetsov, Mary, was considered an expert in the field of fashion and beauty. In the story the girl has always been ready to give butisol to anyone in need. The actress, like her character, know where to buy stylish clothes and good makeup. Moreover, since childhood, knows where to get the tastiest fruits and vegetables.

“Miroslav grew up in Ukraine, in the city of Berdyansk, says “StarHit” Larisa, mom of the star. Summer she spent in the village and on the way to the river home is sure to steal the neighbors watermelons or corn. She just liked the process itself, the feeling of adrenaline… Well, others are always delicious. There were no fences, wires, everything is open – come on health. The villagers were not offended, on the contrary, if they saw that the daughter of the cherries they have breaks, the evening brought a whole bucket of berries. Miroslav blushed – stealing still ashamed. But produced the good she shared with the whole family!”
Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек»


Adolescence Buttons was code-named “Hair”. Kate changed hairstyles like a glove. “I remember two years ago on my birthday she dyed it emerald green color, says “StarHit” Elena Mikhaylovskaya, mother of the stars. – I found salon, all done, was pleased with the result. Do not warned about the new image of the head of the theatre on ice, where he performed the daughter. Just before Kate got the role of Cinderella. You know, green hair, princesses don’t happen… had to go back and return to its original state. Hours daughter washed off the paint, but to remove the tint until the end failed. In the end, Cinderella had to take the wig to not be like water”.

Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек»


According to the actress, the role of wunderkind Galina was very close to her. In school she was a straight-a student, loved to help people and a lot of work. Arzamasova have not even experienced the charms of adolescence, because all the time spent on the set.

“Lisa never rebelled, says “StarHit” Julia Arzamasova, the mother of a celebrity. – She had a very heavy work schedule. Daughter since childhood, he studied acting, was constantly missing rehearsals. By nature she is a quiet child, but 14 years has shared with me intimate. Said, that in the soul there are some strange changes, like a storm was placed in a tight bottle. Felt like a groundless mood changes. I immediately explained that nothing is impossible to keep. If you want to cry – cry, to yell, yell with all his might… the Main thing is to become soul easy. Lisa followed the advice, and I’m glad!”
Даром преподаватели: как бунтовали звезды «Папиных дочек»


In the series Daria Vasnetsova is a goth. Addicted to the subculture reflected poorly on the academic achievement of girls, the Director often called her father. Interestingly, in real life Anastasia Sivaev also didn’t like to gnaw granite of science, able to stand up for yourself and easily fought with the boys.

“We are friends, studied together at school №639 – says “StarHit” Ekaterina Baranova, a graduate of the institution. – Remember, she has a crush on a classmate. Really didn’t know how to speak about their feelings. Resorted to the classical method is to pull the pigtail. Nasty tackle is not appreciated, hit him with a portfolio in the face so that his blood went from his nose. By the way, teachers too, got it! Somehow Nasty got a deuce for a test and was upset. To improve mood, decided to take revenge on the teacher… While she was having lunch in the dining room, she put a button on the chair in the office. When he returned, the maths teacher of the village right on “mine”. Shouting for the whole school. But she passed no one, loved her!”