Gift Malikov daughter for three and a half million rubles aroused the wrath of fans

Подарок Маликова дочери за три с половиной миллиона рублей вызвал гнев фанатов
Internet users are outraged that the 18th birthday Stesha get a foreign car of a class “Lux”.

Подарок Маликова дочери за три с половиной миллиона рублей вызвал гнев фанатов

Dmytro and Stephania Malikova

Photo: Instagram

Dmitry Malikov has prepared for his daughter Stephanie Royal
gift. For her 18th birthday she will receive the keys from the cars, the cost of the basic
picking which starts from three and a half million rubles. And while the birthday Stesha will celebrate in February next year, the car of a class “Lux” loving father chose now. They became the black car brand Land Cruiser
200. “Lessons of driving skills. Preparing for the 18th anniversary, signed artist photo,
where Stesha’s behind the wheel. — I got my license at eighteen and sat down at
dad’s “penny.” Our kids also fly us “a pretty penny”!

Revelation Dmitry has caused quite a negative reaction from
subscribers of his personal page in the social network. “That would let your daughter too
a “penny” in the village! So why indulge? Another child on the way! Institute
the posh machine will need the corresponding” — it was the most innocuous
statements of outraged Internet users.

Stesha Malikova provokes a scandal in the Network before the holiday

It should be noted that Dmytro and Stephania regularly
exposed to the attacks of the haters. They have a pretty
a large army of detractors, criticizing every action of the members
the star of the family. The last time Stesha shared high
the results obtained for the exam, and the fact that she entered the MGIMO thanks
high results of creative competition, haters immediately assumed that her
parents materially contributed to the emergence of such magnificent results
and especially the fact that her daughter became a student of one of the most prestigious
of Russian universities.