Gift lyaysan Utyasheva caught the imagination of fans

Подарок Ляйсан Утяшевой поразил воображение поклонников
TV presenter and athlete showed that asked Pavel Volya on March 8.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva (Instagram lyaysan Utyasheva)

Who on March 8 buy flowers, to candy, and who… a brand new Porsche. Wife of Paul Will Laysan utiasheva recently shared with fans: just before women’s day, she began diligently to hint to my husband what gift she would like to March 8. Rosie chose the surprise, which she had long dreamed of. This dream was a red Porsche.

“Photo gently hints to men what close on March 8… the List of gifts in the photo!” — wrote utiasheva. She advised the male half of subscribers “learn” and to prepare for major expenses. “Some gift!”, “If it’s on the 8th of March, it is terrible to think that she asks for her husband’s birthday,” wrote Utyasheva. The will has not commented on the whim of his wife.

Very soon to ask Paul gifts on March 8 will begin, and daughter, Sophia. The baby has already formed an interest in jewelry. A girl can spend hours looking at the bracelets, rings. At two years old she’s already asking to pierce her ears.

“Us two years, but I was faced with the question: to get her ears pierced or not? — said utiasheva. — On the playgrounds of Sofia sees peers and even year-old babies with pierced ears. And then runs to me, throws up his pens and said: “Where Cosine (she calls herself) lugs bead?”. I pierced ears at the age of 12, I harassed my mom. I remember that it hurt, especially to sleep on your side, and Sofia is sleeping only on your side.”