Gidulyan started the charity after beating cancer

Гайдулян занялся благотворительностью после победы над раком
Andrew asked for an unusual gift for his birthday.

Гайдулян занялся благотворительностью после победы над раком

Andrew Hagolan

Photo: @gaydulyan (Instagram Andrew Hagolan)

Andrew Hagolan

Photo: @gaydulyan (Instagram Andrew Hagolan)

On his birthday, which was yesterday, Andrew Hagolan asked
fans unusual gift. The actor decided to do charity
activity: a terrible disease, which the star managed to win, has changed his Outlook.

On his decision to star of “Univer”
told in the microblog. “Friends, — says Andrei, —
I was 32 years old. And I want to draw your attention. Previous
the year, of course, changed me forever. Recently I find it hard to pass by
our grief, though I try, otherwise you’ll go crazy. Very often the parents write to me
sick children with a request to repost to help raise the money and
every time I want to help. Sometimes I even recite some of his
pennies… But I can’t repost without being sure that it is not
fraudsters who collected money for my treatment. For some reason I
it seems that I’m not the only one who wants to help and is willing to place these
ugly photos with sick children, cut the words “Urgent
the collection of…”, or just send back their $ 100. I thought if
the only problem is that we are not confident in the honesty of these requests, it is necessary

I decided that, now personally I will go and see
families who need our help, and if my person can earn
some trust (I hope so), I’ll publish photos and video
with these families, ensuring that it is not a Scam. Don’t know what
gets out, maybe naive and stupid, but if someone is affected, you have

Word artist did not match the actions. Literally
a few minutes later he posted a photo of the family with a sick child, with
whom he met while in St. Petersburg (now Andrew plays in one
of theatres of the Northern capital). The actor asked for help to the family. Of course, his request
did not remain without attention. Information about the transfer of funds to the child
was accompanied by an inscription from fans: “happy birthday!”

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