Getting ready for beach season together: which swimsuit to choose

Готовимся к пляжному сезону вместе: какой купальник выбрать

Weather the vagaries of the off-season is not a reason to be sad and eat discarded during a spring diet weight under a warm blanket watching your favorite show. Tomorrow the clouds will part and the sun will come out, so we grabbed a short skirt and heels. And there, staring, and summer is around the corner.

For some it will begin in the may holidays, for others strictly by the calendar — with the first days of June, and the third to wear bikini, will patiently wait for vacation. However, neither the first nor the second, nor the third, we do not advise to relax. Better, do not give up exercise, start to look for beach collections. You want to be fully prepared when the time comes exit in bathing suits on beach universal unspoken beauty contest.

SPLETNIK.RU together with the lingerie shops “Estelle Adoni” will help you to prepare for swimsuit season and will tell you how to choose a swimsuit worthy of the Queen of the beach.

Готовимся к пляжному сезону вместе: какой купальник выбрать

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The trends in beach fashion spring-summer 2016
What color and print of the swimsuit will help to visually drop a few pounds
How to choose a quality swimsuit
What style of swimsuit will fit your body type
Something to add swimwear to the beach and at a pool party
How to extend the life of the swimsuit after sunbathing and saltwater
How to choose a swimsuit that made them look taller, slimmer and Zagoreloe
How to wear swimwear outside of the beach
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