«Достать коротышку» превратят в сериал

In 1995 on the big screens debut film by Director Barry Sonnenfeld “Get Shorty”. Starring in the film adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard was played by John Travolta and Danny DeVito.

Barely the film appeared on the big screens, it immediately received rave reviews and love of the audience.

Nowadays remakes would be strange if in the head, nobody had to shoot another version of “Short people”. It decided to become bosses of the channel Epix, which launches the creation of the series based on the film.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the first season the future of the series will have 10 one-hour episodes. Prodyusirovanie project will Davey Holmes (“Shameless”, “Fight”). He also prepared the script of the series where the main character did, miles Daly, working for the gang from Nevada. For my daughter the hero is trying to retrain in a Hollywood film, but there begins to launder money for old criminal habit.

The beginning of the filming of the series is scheduled for autumn this year.

Premiere to be held in autumn next.

Who will be performing in the series the main role is not specified.


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