Джерард Батлер покупает дом для своей любимой
The actor is ready to start her family life.

Gerard Butler and Morgan brown


Gerard Butler is going to make a serious step. It
decided to move in with his girlfriend Morgan brown and try to build with it
family. For this, he was involved in the acquisition of joint property, where he could with
her to settle.

As reported by the Agency
selling property, Gerard is close to
the contract for the purchase of an apartment in a luxury building in new York city, in the Western
part of Manhattan. Butler and his girlfriend liked the apartment with an area of about 400 square meters. It already
visited here twice now occupied by the clarification: whether to allow him
to renovate purchased housing. If it receives the affirmative
the answer, Gerrard is ready to buy this apartment. Tighten with
buying Butler doesn’t want, because now he has no
own property in new York. His former apartment in this city it already
managed to sell for $ 6 million, in preparation for the acquisition of new apartments.

Morgan brown of the actor, it seems, has finally formed a stable relationship. They began Dating in 2014, but this time Morgan and Gerard times
parted, and then again converged. So, in 2016, they decided to end their relationship, and both began to meet with
other partners. The Butler began an affair with Lizzie Kadni, and brown began to care a former civil husband Naomi watts
Liev Schreiber. However, apart former lovers did not last long, and only
a few months later they were reunited. In the beginning of this year they have again
having problems in relationships, but this time to a serious gap it is not
reached. Let’s hope that now everything will be alright, and 48-year-old Butler may dare for the first time to legally marry.