Gerard Butler broke up with his girlfriend

Джерард Батлер расстался со своей подругой
The actor returned to “fair suitors”.

Gerard Butler and Morgan brown


The Hollywood beauty, who
dreamed of romance with Gerard Butler,
rejoice. The actor is single again: he broke up with
his girlfriend Morgan brown, which met intermittently since 2014

Back in January it seemed that the 48-year-old Gerard and Morgan all right. They met together in the New year, then spent
wonderful holidays in the resort of Tulum (Mexico). Later, in the middle of the month they came together
at the premiere of Den of Thieves in Los Angeles, where he showed a gentle
feelings to each other. In late January, the paparazzi managed to photograph them in The Roger Room Bar in West

However, since they never appeared together. Recently one of my friends
the actor said that Butler made the decision to part ways with brown. This is not the first attempt of Gerard to break things off with Morgan, designer
interiors. So, in 2016 they had parted: then both even started
to meet other partners. The Stock began an affair with Lizzie Katni. And for
Brown began to care a former civil partner, Naomi watts — Liev Schreiber. However
apart former lovers did not last long, and just a few months later
they are reunited.

But now, they both look like they mean business. After all, they have quarreled
for nothing. Gerard and Morgan don’t agree on how it should
continue to develop their novel. Morgan, which has already celebrated its 40th day
birth, wanted a child, and to postpone his plan is not going to. Butler was absolutely not ready to be a father. So they
decided that it is better to go further in life in different ways.