Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу The actor has hinted that he plans to live in the apartment alone. Georgi Martirosyan made the repairs in a Scandinavian style. Designers brought into the living room and kitchen, honoured artist of Russia a maximum of interesting ideas. Parquet on the floor and walls, mirror doors, a lot of live greenery.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу

      The star of such iconic films as “pirates of the twentieth century” and “Love in Russian”, 68-year-old Georgi Martirosyan recently bought an apartment in Moscow and even attempted the organization of finishing works in a new home. However, as he admitted the program “a Perfect repair”, the process was quickly tiring, and friends advised Martirosyan to seek help leading to this transfer and the designer Natasha Barbier. Which he did.

      George khachaturovich asked to renovate the living room and kitchen.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу“Lovely space! – estimated Barbier apartment Martirosyan. – And who will be living here? Are you one?” “Well, I’m single, and maybe someone else,” a little embarrassed replied the artist.

      Georgi Martirosyan said that despite his southern roots, he loves the North, Scandinavian style. The architects proposed a very trendy low-key project, the dominant color of which is gray. Revived the design of the room with inset mirrors and an entire wall of living plants.

      In the living room on the floor and the walls were wooden boards. In the kitchen area put floor tiles in porcelain stoneware. It is very unusual textures, which recreates the structure of hardened lava, on this cover there is no visible contamination and it is easy to wash.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу

      The living room has a sofa, loft-style, production in Belarus. The mechanism of the bed orthopedic. Cloth upholstery is equipped with an impregnator that is not afraid of stains.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу

      Kitchen set is made of Mdfa, coated with a special paint that is resistant to moisture and abrasion. Under the upper cabinets placed lighting that reacts to movement. In the kitchen combines two colors – grey and brown. The merger of these shades is uncommon, but looks stylish and not boring. Kitchen apron made of impact-resistant and safety glass with a thickness of six millimeters.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу

      Dining table is crafted from a solid slab, or cut down a tree that is now incredibly fashionable. The slab is impregnated with natural oil, so requires no table cloths, no cloths. The master of St. Petersburg was chosen for this project, the elm, is a species of elm tree possessing medicinal properties and is absolutely not afraid of water. Table for the arrival of the owner serve us luxury kitchenware of bone China. Chairs upholstered with cotton, which is easy to clean. Legs in the color of the floor.

      The living room set sliding doors of toughened glass. The rug is made in Nepal of wool and silk, this unique bezuslovnoe weave handmade. The blinds on the panoramic Windows Turkish, cotton-poly blend, they do not crumple. Due to the fact that no walls, the feeling of space is three times bigger than it is actually.

      Needless to say that the designers exceeded all expectations of the landlord George Martirosjan.

      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу “Splendid! Great! he said the work. – I assumed that would be beautiful that way, no. I bow to all of you who created this perfection!”
      Георгий Мартиросьян с шиком обустроил холостяцкую берлогу