George Martirosjan credited with an affair with a Director

Георгию Мартиросьяну приписывают роман с директором The actor is in no hurry to make an official statement, but his entourage recognizes that the man with his head plunged into a new relationship. In the program “You would not believe” the NTV journalists have suggested that celebrity close touch with his Director.

      Георгию Мартиросьяну приписывают роман с директором

      Georgi Martirosyan was married twice but both marriages were not successful. First wife, actress Lyudmila Aristova, are unable to cater to the celebrity because of his strong addiction to alcohol, and his second wife, actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, did not get along with her husband because of serious contradictions and constant scandals. According to Martirosian, she devoted so much attention to one’s heirs, sometimes forget about myself. Now, in the program “You would not believe” there were shots from the event, where during the evening the actor never moved away from his Director of Natalia.

      Georgi Martirosyan in style equipped bachelor pad

      Friend of the family is sure that they have an affair, but to talk about it they don’t want. Journalists who were present on that evening, it led me to think that between the artist and his assistant formed a romantic relationship. Couple would not comment on the situation, and the questions of the journalists responsible casual, afraid to tell something superfluous. According to the friend Martirosyana, they’ve been talking for five years, and become the Director of the artist Natalia was allegedly forced to, because she wanted so to take care of a loved one.

      Георгию Мартиросьяну приписывают роман с директором

      It should be noted that George with interest tells how he managed to get acquainted with Natalia. As it turned out, they brought the case. It all happened at a party with mutual friends, which, under assumptions, and brought them together. The Martirosyan in no hurry to speak openly about their feelings and only talks about how Mamonova competently cope with all the responsibilities that he was placed upon her. The Director of the artist, in turn, declares that she is comfortable working with a celebrity, because, in her view, the elderly are much more interesting as they lead themselves and open to communication.

      “The age people are much younger at heart them much more interesting, more fun, they are much liberated,” – said Natalia in the program.
      “This is the woman he wants to Wake up. Initially it was kind of romantic story, now everything goes as it should. He needs simple, is not such that it would be used,” said the friend Martirosyan.

      Interestingly, a couple have seen together. They try to visit various exhibitions, premieres of shows and movies, and traveling. A close friend of the family believes that they complement each other and harmonious look. It is important to say that the woman also has not developed a previous relationship. After her divorce, she takes care of her son.