Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы Famous writer, author of the legendary series of novels “a Song of ice and fire”, first came to Russia to participate in the St. Petersburg fantastic Assembly. Being in the cultural capital, George Martin answered the questions of journalists.
Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы

Recently in St.-Petersburg was visited by one of the world’s most famous writers in the style of fantasy – George R. R. Martin, Creator of the famous book series “a Song of ice and fire”, which filmed TV series “Game of thrones”. Martin came to the cultural capital with the honorable mission – to participate in a Fantastic Assembly.

For some days the scientist of literature had to go to Vyborg and a medieval castle, go to the Hermitage, to meet with fans and sign books. In addition, he participated in a press conference, in which he met with journalists and answered several questions. “StarHit” listened carefully to Martin and to publish his most interesting and unusual answers.


Conversing with fans from Russia, the American spoke about his inspiration and apologized for the unexpected plot twists.

Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы“Once upon a time, even as a child, I read a lot of books, but I almost always know how they will end. I was bored and when I read a book where the plot was not so obvious where I was shocked, gave unusual emotion, I became interested. So in my books I try to do unexpected plot lines, look for new twists and, sorry, killed the main characters”, – he told.
Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы

George Martin says he will not include himself among the cruel of the writers. The man has his own opinion about it. “I don’t think that the right to call me “the bloodthirsty author.” All men are mortal, and it concerns all of us – the science fiction. – Moreover, everyone who is in this room will ever die.”

According to the writer, many are often mistaken, believing that in his bibliography, only one worthy work. The author has dispelled such speculation, and shared how he came up with the idea to create the famous series, which formed the basis of the same HBO.

“Many people think that I’m always engaged in “Game of thrones” – but no, to her I wrote a lot of books that were popular, said the man. – The idea of “a Song of ice and fire” came to me while working on “Avalona” (one of the unfinished works of Martin – Ed.). So I have a way the execution of a man and lutovac in the snow”.


George Martin surprised fans by admitting that not watching the film adaptation of his books. According to the writer, it’s not his job. When it was just beginning, science fiction has followed the film-making process, but eventually ceased to do so.

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Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы“Now a lot of talk around the leak on HBO (hackers stole the script and threatened to put it on the network), but my work is not affected. You see, I write books and that’s my main job, a series of other people do. I don’t even watch the new series. Yes, the first seasons I came to the set, watching the process, but could not intervene in the actual filming. Yeah, what is this, the first few books were released many years ago and knew all the plot twists, but I watched the show,” – said the American.

Martin also explained why not considers it his duty to appear on the set. “When I was there, I caught myself thinking that very very attached to the hero and his character. People approach me, shake hands, say who they play, and I think to myself: “You got to live for two weeks, then I will kill you!” – he explained.

However, the writer does not deny that the film crew did a good job. “I love the way the creators of the series did “Game of thrones” – my imagination is embodied with dignity,” he said.

Of course, during the meeting with Martin’s fans didn’t do and without question about his attitude to Russia. In recognition of the men, he could not find a place for it on the map of the Seven Kingdoms, because “there are already all divided”, but the writer admires another state. “Your country, I like nice people here, most of all I shook the medieval castle,” he said.

The series “Game of thrones” generates a lot of discussion on the Internet. The writer says that not watching the debate viewers.

Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы“Try not to go on fan forums and not read the assumptions and what will happen next. Yes, I did – in the early 2000s, and every time I thought, how do they know? But I would not want someone to push me in my work, after the death of each character was planned initially. But fans talk willingly,” said the man.


George Martin is one of the most popular and talked about contemporary writers. Millions of people around the world with a sinking heart watching the adventures of his characters. However, the activist literature is not in awe of his fame.

“I am more weary of the glory that fell on me in recent years. I became hard to travel, to go somewhere, to learn something new, look for inspiration in the world. Almost everywhere I went, people begin to approach me, to communicate, to do selfies, asking for autographs – it’s very annoying and can’t concentrate”, he said.
Джордж Мартин пожаловался на тяжкое бремя славы

Sometimes fiction becomes a target for good-natured ridicule to which he, by his own admission, is very quiet. “Like parody to me. Most of all I was surprised that parody not doing my characters or characters of the series, namely me, – commented on the star literature. Yeah, it’s funny to look at them, they smile. But most of all I like to watch American football.”

In recognition of George Martin, he’s a lot of fruitful work. The man very rarely allows himself to relax. A writer full of creative plans and does not intend to stop there.

“I work every day – Wake up, sit at the computer all day writing books. Make a break for the weekend and for the season of American football, – said Martin. – I have many more plans and ideas in my head, now I’m writing “Winds of Winter” in the future I plan to complete the “fire and Blood” – a prequel to “Game of thrones” which will talk about the history of the Targaryens”.