George Lucas will not be involved in the creation of the sequel “Indiana Jones”

Джордж Лукас не будет участвовать в создании сиквела «Индианы Джонса»

American film Director, screenwriter and producer George Lucas, who authored the sci-Fi Saga “Star wars” and a series of adventure films about Indiana Jones, will not participate in creating a continue one of these projects.

The name George Lucas, we will not see in the credits of the sequel to the popular franchise, Indiana Jones. About it journalists were told by the author of the script of the new series David Koepp.

“As far as I know, he does not take part in the project. I had not contacted him”, — said cap.

In fairness, we note that this is not the first time when Lucas is not working on a sequel to his brainchild. So, in 2012, George sold his company Lucasfilm Disney and did not participate even in working on a new episode of “Star wars”.

Currently preparing for a new series “Indiana Jones” is in full swing. But shooting will not begin before the autumn of 2017.

Directing the project will be not less famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

On the big screen a film about the new adventures of Professor of archaeology, will be released in the summer of 2019.