Джордж Клуни с женой сбежали на сутки от своих детей
The actor gave a romantic trip to Amal.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney
made a surprise to his wife, Amal, on her 40th birthday. He did not
to make a big party with many friends in Los Angeles, where the couple
lived last time, and gave her a romantic journey.

Paparazzi have tracked the spouses
at the airport when they landed in a private jet. Moreover, as noted
the reporters, they were alone, without their twin. Apparently, George and Amal decided
silent break from the kids. As we found out
later, reporter US edition
Weekly, Clooney took his wife on the beautiful coast in
Central California — Big Sur. This place is famous for its magnificent scenery,
the peace and quiet. No wonder the restaurant, who attended George and Amal’s called Nepenthe — Flower
of forgetfulness from Greek mythology.

However, a day later
they returned home to their beloved twins. Recall, Ella and Alexander
Amal gave birth in June 2017, making it a first-time father at 56 years old. Curiously,
in the past Clooney has repeatedly said not only that never
married, but that did not tend to have children. “You know, not Amal
planned to become parents. We never spoke about children. Conversation
on this subject, I had the first time only some time after
weddings. And when they were born, it was a real shock. I quite
calmly reasoned on the subject of fatherhood. But then I suddenly I was struck by the realization:
“God… Yes I’m now a parent!”— said George. However, as
says Amal, while Clooney copes with his father’s
duties. He even got up at night to the twins, trying to get some
to help Amal.