Джорджа Клуни госпитализировали после аварии Hollywood actor he had an accident when riding on a motorcycle on the set. According to eyewitnesses, who went round the bend, the car hit George Clooney. Doctors diagnosed by Hollywood stars the pelvis, and numerous bruises.
Джорджа Клуни госпитализировали после аварии

A few hours ago, Western media reported that Sardinia was urgently taken to hospital, the George Clooney – 57-year-old sex symbol got in an accident on a motorcycle, when traveling on the set. As eyewitnesses told, the bike of the actor collided with a car, unexpectedly left from-for turn. In the accident, Clooney was hospitalized.

Already in hospital doctors diagnosed him with injuries of the pelvis, and numerous bruises on his hands and knees. An ambulance was summoned at fault for the accident and before the arrival of experts the driver was next to the injured actor, watching his health.

Now George will have some time to postpone the shooting, because the doctors insisted on a thorough examination of the stars and complete the survey.

In an Italian hospital after a matter of minutes came the movie actor’s wife, lawyer Amal Clooney. And, despite the clear commitment of George to leave the hospital with his wife, the doctor refused to write a famous patient.

By the way, Amal, just a year ago became a mother of twins, often accompanies her husband on a business trip.

In Italy, George starred in the TV series “catch-22” based on the bestseller by Joseph Heller. Here Clooney is not only as an actor but also a Director of one of the series. The last time fans of George increasingly discussing the likelihood that soon the movie will change the direction of creative activity and will become a Director. Moreover, several projects shot with Clooney, including “Suburbicon” and “Good night and good luck” have become festival hits.

Portal La Nuova does not report whether George Clooney claims against the driver that hit him. However, apparently, the parties to the accident failed to resolve the conflict on the spot.