Джордж Клуни рассказал о поразительных обстоятельствах знакомства с Амаль
The actor got a wife “delivered to your house.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney talked about the fact,
where and how he met his wife, which made him happy this summer with the birth of twins — Ella and Alexander. As he admitted, in order to
first time to meet his future wife, he did not even need to go
from home.

“I got a call one day from my buddy and asked to visit. And then called back and
asked if I would mind if he will be bringing and one of his friends.
As it turned out, it was Amal…” — said George. But that’s not all. Acquaintance
with his future wife, was preceded by another phone conversation. Clooney called
then another friend and George spoke about the upcoming visit. Interlocutor
the actor was delighted by this news. “Look, I know her! She is just awesome.
I assure you, you will want to marry her!”—has declared then the friend of Clooney. Actually,
it was a risky assumption, because everyone knew that George
once vowed never again to marry…

But the most funny in this story was
the fact that the introduction of future wife with him and his parents held
simultaneously! It turns out that even before George called his friend who
decided to acquaint the actor with Amal, he called to her house for dinner
parents nick and Nina Clooney. So
they were present during your first meeting their son with his future wife.

As told to Nick, Amal had made
an indelible impression on him. “She seemed unusually
charming and intelligent. And by the end of dinner we realized that she is also kind, not to mention
the fact that Amal — the person absolutely extraordinary. And watching her and
George, Nina and I decided that they strikingly complement each other. I never
had not seen him so naturally and easily to establish contact with any of
his previous girlfriends, but we had the opportunity to observe him since
since he was a teenager!”he told Clooney senior.

Interestingly, George himself at the end
the momentous evening came to any certain conclusions. Amal him,
of course, very much. However, as he admitted, he wasn’t sure,
if she wants to meet him. And when at parting they exchanged email
mail, he thought that her address will be useful to him only so that they could
to share done that evening pictures. Amal particularly successful images
his parents… But the events began to develop so rapidly that only six months
later he made the proposal Amal. And a year after the first meeting, George, in violation of
own long-standing promise, married his fiancée