George Clooney spoke about parenting twins

Джордж Клуни рассказал о воспитании близнецов

A new father and a famous actor, who recently appeared in the role of Director presented his film Suburbicon at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, where he spoke about parenting twins Ella and Alexander.

Джордж Клуни рассказал о воспитании близнецов

“I’m so excited,” says 56-year-old Clooney on the red carpet. The actor opened up and admitted that the most shocking thing about fatherhood for him was the lack of control. Previously, he was expecting full control over their kids, now realizes they are not managed.

“I was surprised when the thought of that much control and in the end realized that I have no control,” says the actor. “I do not! I think all of this is quickly realized.”

The wife of Clooney, a lawyer for human rights Amal appeared at the festival with her husband, and visited with him the Venice Film Festival. It was their first public appearance after the birth of twins. After pregnancy Amal looks stunning in a purple dress from Versace. George admitted that his daughter looks just like her mother.

“My daughter is incredibly similar to Amal,” says the actor. “She has big beautiful eyes…It’s beautiful.”

George Clooney, who created the film together with their colleagues, brothers Cohen, was at the premiere with the star of the film by Julianne Moore. The film also starred Matt Damon, but he did not show up to the premiere.

Clooney and Damon appeared together at the Venice Film Festival, where it took pictures together and did a photo-toads. Then they had fun at the party, where Clooney met the guests at his wedding in 2014. On the set of the film last year, the actor confessed to a close friend that Amal is waiting for twins.

Matt Damon told reporters The Hollywood Reporter after the premiere in Venice about how Clooney has changed with the birth of twins after filming. “Of course, he changed. It is continually evolving, but still remains true to himself in many plans,” says 46-year-old star of the film Jason Bourne for an article published Friday. “All important plans, he has remained the same. He has a big heart, he is very loyal, and very, very smart.”

Suburbicon film tells the story of one of the suburbs where the white people live. Soon there arrives a young African-American family, what each of the residents responded to in their own way. A genre film — dark Comedy. On large screens the film can be seen on 27 October.