George Clooney spent on childbirth of the wife a fortune

Джордж Клуни потратил на роды жены целое состояние In early June, the celebrity became the father of twins. George and Amal Clooney still receive gifts and congratulations from friends and colleagues. A happy event beloved cost a pretty penny, and the kids took the midwife of the Royal family.
Джордж Клуни потратил на роды жены целое состояние

Ella and Alexander Clooney was born on the sixth of June, and already two hours after the momentous event was presented to the parents of the father of George. Since the birth Mrs Clooney in London, and her father-in-law based in Kentucky, the introduction took place via video link.

“The eyes of the newly made daddy so much shone, what I thought, but not drunk if he is, children, dark, and handsome, like their mother, though the poor boy, it seems, got the nose of my son. Shortly before birth, Amal told us that was the size of a house. In her case it was a small pretty house, such a beautiful girl and superwoman does not spoil,” – said the broadcaster Nick Clooney.

Senior Clooney paid praise famous offspring – most likely in retaliation for the fact that George so many years threatened to leave parents without grandchildren. But friends of the 56-year-old actor believe that the former are incorrigible bachelor will be an exemplary father. “The twins are going to ask them heat, – says the father of many children Matt Damon. – If you do one, be sure to Wake up the other. But George always slept little, because of their carousing, so that he could do it.”

Джордж Клуни потратил на роды жены целое состояние

Family nest

According to friends, at first George was scared by the news that he and Amal are waiting for twins. But by the end of the first trimester already talked to the belly of his wife, picked out future kids names and admitted in an interview that he is looking forward to the “adventure”.

“You better calm down and try to sleep for the year ahead,” said friend Denzel Washington, the father of twins. Nice one George and Amal went to his English estate near the village of Sonning on Thames in Berkshire. George bought the mansion of the XVII century after the wedding for $ 14 million and spent a bunch of money updating a few outdated over three centuries of communication. To choose the family nest at the influence and proximity of a good restaurant.

Джордж Клуни потратил на роды жены целое состояние

The actor has repeatedly recognized that despite the numerous advantages of Amal did not know how to cook. Because of the presence of the district food it is then no wonder, Ella Alexander have a chance to go straight from breastfeeding to steaks and foie Gras. The couple started the design of a children’s only after the pregnancy has passed for six months, not to jinx it. Cots and other furniture delivered in Sonning-on-Thames, from the Paris children’s boutique Baudou. In recent weeks, George was always close with his wife.

His formidable wife, too, paused in a brilliant legal career. “She promised George not to overwork,” reported friends of the couple. The actor appeared less and less on the people, but from time to time reported that the beloved copes with pregnancy, and its task is to ensure, in order to provide for her tea and sandwiches.


“When he was told that twins are often born prematurely, he canceled all of the trips,” said sources in the family circle.

Teschin language

Maternity ward for Amal rented in a London hospital Chelsea and Westminster. The kit cost 11 thousand dollars a day includes sleeping place for the father, a widescreen TV, high speed Internet and a personal midwife. There is a special menu, where the mothers needed such things as smoked salmon and champagne for $ 130 per bottle. Perhaps the last part explains the drunk view George during a video chat with my parents. George Clooney gladly would have hired for his wife the whole team of doctors who took second birth of the Duchess of Cambridge. But he had to settle for one of two gynaecologists and a nurse.

Immediately after birth of twins publicist the actor told the world that mother and children are fine, and George was given a sedative. To take a house-sitter the couple do not plan, I hope to do on their own with a little help from mother-in-law Clooney and night nurse. Barium Alamuddin proved useful in agriculture: it all nine months took daughter healthy organic food from cooking, because cooking abilities nature cheated her too. On maternity leave Amal took only six months. “She’ll be back to work, but will not be flying around the world as it was before – say her friends. – Plans to undertake only those works that can be made from the house: George equipped for the wife in the estate of a great modern office.”