George Clooney spent $ 1.3 million waiting children

Джордж Клуни потратил 1,3 миллиона долларов в ожидании детей

Father-to-be George Clooney was so worried before the birth of their deunet that spends money on them, not counting. According to the publication, RadarOnline, spouse Amal Alamuddin has already spent $ 1.3 million on the training of their children in this world.

The Hollywood star has already paid for the stay of his wife in the best clinic, while reserving an entire wing of the hospital even hired a team of nurses who work with the British Royal court. Moreover, our professional masseuse will arrive in London from Italy.
“George is still afraid that childbirth can be dangerous for Amal. They talked a lot about this when I was planning children. Now he tries to minimize the risk to the health of the wife, may not be looking at the price,” said an insider, explaining the squandering of George.
Recall that Clooney himself told reporters that he and Amal didn’t know the gender of the children, but his mother and a close friend of the family Cindy Crawford, said it will be a boy and a girl.