Джордж Клуни раскрыл жуткие детали ДТП в Италии

10 July 2018, while vacationing with family on the Italian island of Sardinia, George Clooney got into an accident. Moped celebrity collided with a Mercedes near the hotel Ollastu, then Clooney injured pelvis, hands and feet. A year later, the actor decided to reveal some details of the incident.

Hollywood Reporter, in honor of the release of the film “catch-22” has an interview with the actor where he spoke about the accident. After the incident, Clooney decided not to repeat errors and to get rid of his Harley Davidson motorcycle. In the announcement it was written that the actor finally gave up driving a motorcycle. However, only thinks that Amal and George said that was done with the hobby for a while. “I crashed a motorcycle into a car at a speed of 112 km per hour. The blow was so strong that my helmet split in half, with me shoes came off. I suffered a lot. I was just waiting for the switch to work. If it is possible to have nine lives, I got all at once – so I gave up Biking for a while,” admitted Clooney.

A holiday in Sardinia memorable for the actor by accident. “I crashed a motorcycle. It was a really interesting point. I learned that you really can’t fly. I very well learned that lesson,” said George.

In addition, an eyewitness of the incident was Grant Heslov – Executive producer of the series, “catch-22”. He kept Clooney on hand before arrival of physicians.

All summer 2018 Amal, George and the twins were on the island, because then there the actor starred in the TV series based on the novel of the writer Joseph Heller, “catch-22”. To walk along the picturesque streets of George decided on a scooter. But the actor did not even know that your favorite vehicle gets into an accident.

One morning George went to the hotel in Costa Corallina, in the North of the island, on the set. The road was dangerous — scooter of the actor collided with a passenger car. The car was damaged, and George was taken to the hospital of John Paul II in Olbia.

The actor passed the examination, and the doctor rendered a diagnosis of mild knee injury without serious damage! George all right, and he may continue to give full on the set of the series. According to the statements of the official town hall of Sassari, the actor was discharged from the hospital.

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