George Clooney remembered his first meeting with wife

Джордж Клуни вспомнил первую встречу с женой
The famous actor George Clooney has long been considered the eligible bachelor, but a few years ago married Amal Clooney, who conquered his heart.

Джордж Клуни вспомнил первую встречу с женой

Recently, the same actor on the show David Letterman remembered the first meeting with his future wife. It turned out that it happened at his home in the company of parents.

Джордж Клуни вспомнил первую встречу с женой

“It was crazy. I called our friend and said, “Can I bring a friend?”I agreed, and then called my agent and said that he saw a woman come to my house and he said I’m going to marry her!

I got her email, because she had to throw pictures of my parents and then we began to write. But I didn’t understand whether she wants me to go on a date or not. It seemed to me that she sees me only as a friend,” Clooney shared.

Recall that the couple has adorable twins and are really happy with each other.

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