Джордж Клуни отказался защищать Амаль от террористов

Amal Clooney should be shocked by the act of his faithful. To provide behind your favorite human rights activist will fail because he simply refused to defend it in case of unexpected attack.

The situation is as follows. In September last year, Amal visited South Asian country with a working visit. the purpose of the trip, Mrs. Clooney was the protection of the rights of the former President of the Maldives Mohammed Nasheed, located at that time behind bars.

This year in the near future, the trip, the Amal should be repeated. In order to protect themselves Amal asked her Hollywood star husband to accompany her, arguing that the danger of a terrorist attack. Like, there are suggestions that during a trip to Amal will be attacked. But Clooney refused to accompany his wife on his business trip, noting that he will not be able to protect her.

Note that shortly after the publication of this note by a foreign tabloid, to represent the actor said that he will accompany his wife just because Amal hadn’t asked. But is this the reason?…

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