George Clooney received from the wife of the most unusual in his life a gift

Джордж Клуни получил от супруги самый необычный в его жизни подарок
The actor is all excited about the present: he reminded him of his own childhood.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Splash News/East news

Amal Clooney
managed to please the spouse with a gift on his birthday. On the occasion
The 55th anniversary of George, which he celebrated recently, she presented him a not expensive watch or a new car, and … a huge self-propelled lawnmower. Actor
came from this gift to a complete delight.

Amal, which has become
the lawful wife of George Clooney in the fall of 2014, most likely, so well chosen
gift for husband is not accidental. Apparently, she just listened very carefully to the stories
wife about his childhood. As it turned out, George loved to mow the lawn in those early
the days when I was a kid. And Amal decided to give him the thing, using
which he indulged would have a pleasant nostalgic memories. In this case
wife of George able to combine business with pleasure. Now she can
to be sure that the lawn in their estate will always be in order.

“In front of our house
in the UK there is a wonderful lawn. And I just can’t wait to get back
home and put your gift into action!” — the actor admitted in a recent interview.

However, the celebration
55th anniversary caused Clooney not only positive emotions. He came up with the seemingly obvious idea that his next
the anniversary will be 60-anniversary! And George suddenly
scared. “I remember when we celebrated the 50th anniversary, everything was perfect. In and of itself
The 55th anniversary is not too scary. But their sixty I, probably, will meet somehow
so: Khe-Khe-Khe…” — here Clooney coughed, portraying the old man. “Nothing before you
still have a little time!” — George comforted Julia Roberts, who also was present at an interview during the press tour for their new movie “the Financial
monster.” “Well, that certainly changes everything!” — laughed in response, George.

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