George Clooney on the second anniversary of the wedding dinner from semi-finished products

Джордж Клуни на вторую годовщину свадьбы приготовил ужин из полуфабрикатов
Amal Clooney received a gift from my husband pasta with canned meatballs banks

George and Amal Clooney


“Contrary to the predictions of skeptics that our marriage will not last long, as you can see, we have already noted the second anniversary,” commented George Clooney a happy life with his wife Amal Clooney. A couple of days quietly, without fanfare, in the family circle celebrated the second anniversary of a significant event – his glamorous Italian wedding, lasting in Venice for three days in late August 2014.

Clooney with his characteristic humor said that in the great day he and his wife “basically, of course, was drinking.” But then still admitted that he celebration, he personally prepared a family dinner – pasta with meatballs. But since his wife is in any case not appreciate the husband cooking and his culinary skills, he decided to use ready-made meatballs from a can. Of course, Amal is not seen as a husband to make their lives easier without spending time cooking small meat cutlets. While he was standing at the stove, wife was minding my own business. Mrs. Clooney prefers to eat in expensive restaurants and not spend time on household care.

“The dinner was held in a romantic setting,” said the actor. But couldn’t resist re-quipped: “We behaved very civilized.” Where, in any of its many residences, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary, George is known for its desire to keep personal life private, said. Left in “nesoznanku” and when asked about other brad pitt. Clooney retorted that “knows nothing about his Affairs.” As you know, the news about the divorce of brad’s wife caught George off guard during another interview and he even failed to hide their surprise and disappointment: “I didn’t know anything. But in any case, this is a very sad event. For Pitta, particularly for children.”