George Clooney had disagreements with his wife for the twins

У Джорджа Клуни возникли разногласия с женой из-за близнецов
Pregnant Amal is not going to give to your spouse.

У Джорджа Клуни возникли разногласия с женой из-за близнецов

Amal Clooney, which in the summer becomes a mother of twins, despite “interesting position”, keeps everything under
control. It not only looks amazing and continues to show
perfectly matched maternity wardrobe, but continues
to work. Recently, for example, she spoke at the UN about terrorism, and recently
flew to London to take part in the discussion on the same topic in the British Royal
The Institute Of International Relations.

Home Amal about the pregnancy, which was announced in February, no less energetic. As told recently George Clooney and his wife “copes with his position, and from me is almost not required
help — except to make tea and bring it to her.” However, as stated by Clooney, and he is ready to more
specific help my wife when she gives birth to twins. “I have mastered the art
changing Mat!” — boasted the actor. This information appeared on the website

However, although the actor believes that it is ready to be a father, his
buddies not too sure. So, one of the best friends of George, Matt Damon, who was one of the first to know about pregnant Amal, said recently: “I’m Afraid the father of Clooney’s work, “no”, it is unlikely he
to cope with the upbringing of children. But not to worry — I’m sure Amal will all be able
take care!”

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the birth of two heirs, George and his
wife choose names for them. And at this stage they have not
managed to come to an agreement. The couple desperately arguing, defending each of your options. Clooney, who along
with his friend Randy Gerber founded
a firm that produces tequila called “Casamigos” — business,
which Amal strongly disapproves, joked
for this reason: “I can now call two names, which, as I understand it, is not exactly
will is and Casa Amigo!”