George Clooney gave a thousand pounds for solar panels in the British village

Джордж Клуни дал тысячу фунтов на солнечные батареи в британской деревне

Amal and George Clooney owns a mansion worth £10 million in Sonning-on-Thames. Despite the high cost of his property, a neighbor’s house can not boast of such luxury. Neighbours Clooney, learning about who they will live side by side, apparently, felt that now all their troubles the decision. And Clooney justify these hopes.

For example, recently, George gave the local administration of 1 thousand pounds.

Did Clooney with a noble purpose – to lower the tax burden. Of course, Clooney is not the only one who has deducted a sum of money. Now the collected funds will be purchased 14 solar panels that will later be used for heating and lighting the administration building.

In the future it is also planned to carry out a complete overhaul of the building of the Council, which required 400 thousand pounds. It is not excluded that the local community has high hopes for the generous donations Hollywood celebrity and his wife.