George Clooney from the baby wife Amal has canceled all trips

Джордж Клуни из-за скорых родов жены Амаль отменил все поездки

No one is going anywhere. Hollywood actor George Clooney, who is soon to become a father twice, refused to travel to the moment his wife Amal did not give birth to. Western media reported that the son and daughter of the artist and human rights activist must be born from day to day, and Clooney is so afraid to miss this solemn moment, that we abandoned the previously planned activities.

For example, last week he had to participate in the ceremony of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity Ceremony, held in Armenia. Clooney has already handed the award on behalf of Armenians who survived the genocide of 1915. Realizing the importance of the event, George couldn’t just ignore it, and therefore sent a video message.
“I know. that was supposed to arrive in Yerevan, but if my wife began at this time to give birth, and I couldn’t be with her, and would have missed the birth of my children,” said Clooney.
Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Amal became known in February of this year. At first this news was perceived as another newspaper “duck”, because information about pregnancy Alamuddin-Clooney appeared even before celebrity weddings, but soon the couple themselves confirmed this news. The gender of the children they are now hiding, but the mother of the actor blurted out that it should be a daughter and a son.