Джордж Клуни опасается, что жена может однажды не пустить его домой
The actor is afraid to miss the “H-day”.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Recently George Clooney amused their fans.
The actor admitted that soon scared somewhere to go: he fears that his wife may not let them in. Indeed, as already
it was reported earlier, Amal Clooney may give birth to twins from day to day. “If I, God forbid, won’t be home this day,
she never would have my head!” —
said the actor. This information appeared
on the website eonline.com.

Incidentally, because of the upcoming birth wife
Clooney already had to miss not one important event for him. So, the other day
he was unable to go to Yerevan for the presentation of the prize awarded annually for achievements in
humanitarian activities. This year
the award went to Dr. Tom Catena — for their dedicated work in the area
the military conflict in Sudan. But Clooney, who is the cofounder of the Fund,
awarded the aforementioned prize, was unable to attend the gala

However, before this
case George on the eve of the birth
the twins have made changes to
plans their movements. As stated by the actor, after the birth of children he
Amal will no longer risk it, as before, visiting “dangerous”
in the world like the Congo or Sudan. “We decided that we would lie
a big responsibility as parents, and we will not have the right to put
himself to danger,” explained Clooney in a recent interview. So
soon the actor will make everything not to absent himself from London. Amal
have already chosen the hospital, about to give birth, and has reserved for itself