George Clooney delighted with plumper figures after giving birth Amal

Джордж Клуни в восторге от пополневшей после родов фигуры Амаль
The actor can’t get enough of his wife and children.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney, who at the beginning of June this year for the first time became a father, resides in
seventh heaven from happiness. He just adores his two-month twins Ella and
Alexander. And what it looks like after giving birth Amal, leads him just perfect

The thing is,
that first extremely slim Amal, during the pregnancy as it happens
often, gained little excess weight. And she feels terrible because of this. Amal, which is currently resting
with her husband and children on lake Como in Italy where Clooney has a Villa, is only
the loose clothes and avoid to appear in public. As told
George’s dad Nick, Amal has already managed to complain to him: she thinks that she is very much recovered.
“I feel as big as a house!” she said during one of the sessions
on Skype. “In that case, it must be very tiny house!” — joked
in response Nick.

In fact,
according to the testimony of all who had seen Amal after she made
children, the wife of 56-year-old Clooney looks just fine. It has become more
feminine, and her features softened a bit
And George, as told to one of his buddies, love it so much that he just
does not depart from his wife and always tries to hug her. So that the rest of Italy is just perfect.

The only
the event that tarnished a little this idyll was the recent illegal invasion
the estate Clooney paparazzi, climbed a tree and from there
photographed a couple with children. This incident so outraged
Clooney, which is usually calm and friendly actor said he is suing
the photographer and the French newspaper that published these photos.