George Clooney confirmed the pregnancy of his wife

Джордж Клуни подтвердил беременность своей супруги
Amal happily celebrated his 39th birthday.

Джордж Клуни подтвердил беременность своей супруги

Amal Clooney


George and Amal Clooney


Recently George Clooney
arrived with his wife to Barcelona, to celebrate, then her 39th birthday.
And, as employees, and the passengers were able to make sure that Amal
really in the position: under her loose sweater was clearly drawn
slightly rounded tummy. On the journey, the pair told the online edition of

Amal and George
came to Spain not alone: with them came the parents Clooney and Nina
Nick. And the entire company cheerfully celebrated birthday of the wife of the actor in
fashionable local restaurant, Rooftop Smokehouse. To visit this institution Amal was dressed in a more elegant
dress — black blouse with short skirt and high heels. In this
the outfit has become even more noticeable that she was in position.

Rumors of pregnancy
wife Clooney received a confirmation after a reporter site shared information received from Joan Farnese,
one of the neighbors living near the house of George in the River Thames (Oxfordshire). This
the lady told of their sightings: Joan noticed that when you visit your favorite local pub, The Bull, the couple recently began to order
coffee instead of his red wine,
they have always preferred. Besides, Amal’s wedding at which George played in the fall of 2014, asking now to give her not
the usual drink, but without caffeine. But finally
Farnese became convinced of his suspicions when directly asked met her
actor, if his pregnant wife. And he smiled radiantly and nodded!

And another source would be the Internet site
In Touch reported the other day that according to his information, Mrs. Clooney not
just pregnant and waiting for twins! However, the spouses themselves yet
to confirm officially or deny this information.