George Clooney called for a boycott of the hotels Sultan of Brunei

Джордж Клуни призвал бойкотировать отели султана Брунея

This weekend George Clooney in the column Deadline called for a boycott of hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. The reason for the application of a famous actor became the law, which will come into effect tomorrow. Gay sex, adultery and rape will now be punished with the death penalty.

Джордж Клуни призвал бойкотировать отели султана Брунея

The actor urged people not to sponsor the Sultan. “Every time we stop or have lunch in one of these hotels, we fills his pockets with money of people who decided to beat to death with stones its citizens for the fact that they are gay or are accused of adultery. Are we really willing to Fund murder?” writes Clooney. The actor himself is not without sin and had previously stayed at the hotel Sultan.

Three hotels are located in the UK, two in USA, two in France and two in Italy. This is The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly hills), Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles), The Dorchester (London), 45 Park Lane (London), Coworth Park (Ascot, UK), Le Meurice (Paris), Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris), Hotel Eden (Rome) and the Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milan).

Not all supported the actor: leading bill of Mar addressed Clooney nasty message in which he called his “cowardly formality and hypocrisy.” “What good is it that a bunch of rich people kept from a couple of hotels that ordinary people can’t afford”.

There is no way back! Clooney responded to criticism from colleagues. “Let me paint you a picture: in 20 years you and your children will ask you: “is it True that the guy who owns these magnificent hotels, beaten people to death with stones?” And you confirm. The next question will be: “And you stayed there?” Boycotts is the sun. You can’t force bad guys to be good, but you can prevent the good guys to be accomplices. Yes, the Sultan was seriously hurt by a boycott, but many companies through which he transfers the money, will distance themselves. I don’t know the companies that want to put money in the pocket of the killer. The most dangerous problem – the neighbors of Brunei. In Indonesia a lot of problems with human rights, but YET no one stoned”.

Recall that to pay for the expensive hotels at the Cluny, despite the lack of talent on the screens. His income amounts to 239 million dollars, He starred in ads for Nespresso, and after it showed the skill of directing his new project “Suburbicon”. Shooting commercials and directing work definitely wouldn’t be a reason for such high earnings. It turns out that a large part of their income he received from the sale of the company’s tequila company Casamigos. One of the partners of the actor was the husband of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber.

“Look, I starred in films for a long time, and you know, I’m 56. I’m not the young kid, followed by girls,” says Clooney in an interview for foreign publication, before adding “and wasn’t supposed to be.”

The actor said that it’s definitely not the end of his career. He even joked that if someone undertook to make a film with Paul Newman from the movie “the Verdict” that he would have passed the audition. The joke is that the actor died 26 September 2008. Now Clooney does not need the money, because, according to him, he sold the company for the production of tequila and received a huge amount. Now he doesn’t need the money and can live a full leg. Acting in movies, according to the actor, it was a way of paying rent.

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