У Джорджа Клуни купили бренд текилы за $1 млрд

Hollywood actor George Clooney graces the covers of world of gloss and received multimillion-dollar contracts for the shooting. However, the top star of Olympus is not the limit for celebrities. Recently Clooney has decided to replenish his Bank account by making a deal with the global alcohol leader in selling its own brand of tequila. Brand Casamigos, which was founded by actor, bought the British manufacturer of alcohol Diageo for a record amount — $ 1 billion.

In 2013 George Clooney along with her husband top model Cindy Crawford Randomized Gerbera and developer Mike Meldman developed a brand of tequila Casamigos. According to the actor, the idea to create enterprise on production of alcoholic drink was born after a night of get-togethers with friends. The men decided to make soft and tasty tequila for large companies. “Casamigos” translated from Spanish means “house of friends”. A year later patented trademark of a famous actor began to bring millions of profit. Clooney recalls that initially did not believe in the success of the project, especially the opportunity to earn it.
Earlier this year George Clooney was contacted by Diageo. They offered to buy the brand Casamigos for a record $ 1 billion. Diageo is going to pay 700 million dollars after the signing of the rights transfer to the brand, and the remaining $ 300 million George will get over 10 years.
The signing of the deal has already confirmed a business partner of actor random Gerber.
In Diageo said they plan to do Casamigos international brand and to bring the sale of drink at the international level. And George Clooney will remain a large part of the “tequila” of the family. Most likely, the actor will advertise an alcoholic beverage.
George Clooney accepted the offer Diageo a few weeks after his wife Amal gave birth to twins, Ella and Alexander. Previously, the actor, who has a good sense of humor, joked that he will never be able to give the children of Casa and Amigos, because he forbids his wife.
Insiders say that Clooney decided to sell Casamigos due to the fact that not manages to combine an acting career, business and parenting.