George Clooney arranged a bachelor party like old times

Джордж Клуни устроил мальчишник как в былые времена
A new father of twins for the first time since their birth broke free.

Джордж Клуни устроил мальчишник как в былые времена

George Clooney and Randy Gerber


56-year-old George Clooney is back to his normal life after three months after the birth of twin children Ella and Alexander. The family returned to Los Angeles from Italy, where they spent most of the summer with the kids in the house Clooney on lake Como. And now a new father meets his closest friends musician Bono and his business partner, Randy Gerber, husband of the incomparable Cindy Crawford. They had a fun time in one of the trendy restaurants in the city and George did not conceal his joy of meeting with old friends.

And on the eve of the hangover, Clooney was represented at the festival in Toronto his new directorial project, the film “Suburbicon”, which received a great reception in early September at the Venice film festival. Life, in other words, back to square one. And now Amal will have to cope with the kids without your husband. Although he admitted recently that the twins crying more and no less than four times a day. Fear and emotion and happiness, in short, from the overflowing of his emotions. Baby Ella is two times less than your brother, because eating is two times less. She’s tiny but charming and beautiful, just like your mommy. And he said, what’s the point of it really little, except that once a day feeding children from a bottle prepared by the wife. After all, Amal continues to feed twins breast. And so, in General, said Clooney, the twins in it and is especially not needed. Like barely notice.



However, George is clearly thrilled by the appearance of the offspring.
It seemed to him that he knows all about kids, because all of his friends
are parents, and approximately 20 godchildren and krestic! But now
he understands that only the appearance of their own kids can
to completely change the world. And he hopes that will be able to live up to the
the time when Ella and Alexander become adults, and will not be
the day when he will have to chase after them, being in a wheelchair.