George Clooney and his wife told about the grandiose plans for the summer

Джордж Клуни и его жена рассказали о грандиозных планах на лето
The couple are preparing to return to where they began their romance.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney has told how he and his wife Amal are going
to spend the summer. The beginning of the season, the family will meet in Rome: George will be here to play, and he decided to take his wife with him and
twins Alexander and Ella, who in June will celebrate its first day
birth. Then they will move to the Villa of Cluny, situated on the banks
of lake Como.

The actor loves and knows very well Rome, so that
the evening, at the end of the day, he will have the opportunity to drive Amal into your favorite
restaurants. After all, he and his wife use every
the opportunity to spend the evening together. But if they have no opportunity to go
somewhere, he prepares for Amal dinner
home. Although, as recognized actor, he’s not
the best cook in the world, the wife likes his cooking.

When shooting in Rome is complete, the couple will return to where they started
Roman: on Como the first time they saw each other. “It’s funny that for
in order to meet Amal, I didn’t even have to leave the house.
Then I invited a friend to dinner, and he asked permission to bring another
one guest, promising that I really like. And then my agent said
me that he knows this woman, and he is sure that I’m going to marry her! So all
and it turned out… The funny thing is that at the dinner Amal met at the same time
with me and my parents, who also decided to visit me that night. We Amal exchanged “contacts”. It instantly made me
an irresistible impression, but I am not immediately
figured if she liked it and whether it is ready to meet with me,” he said