George Clooney and his wife prematurely celebrating their wedding anniversary

Джордж Клуни и его супруга досрочно празднуют годовщину свадьбы
The actor has found a way to please his beloved wife.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney found the perfect way to combine business with
useful. He came to Venice in the case — to the festival, but managed to use
this trip and in order to please his beloved wife, Amal. After all
it is in here in one of the most romantic cities, almost three years ago — 27
September 2014, he got married with his beloved. So the current visit to
this beautiful city has enabled George and Amal early to celebrate
marriage.The official reason for
arriving at the film festival in Venice, which opened here on 30 August, was the demonstration of
the movie “Suburbicon” — the seventh under the account the work of Clooney as a Director. This movie
which is included in the competition program – crime Thriller in which he
Clooney not plays. The main role in his film he entrusted Matt Damon and
Julianne Moore.

As for the unofficial
part of the reason the actor and his wife in Venice, she became beautiful
opportunity have a little rest from household chores and enjoy the company of each other, and of course
the same wonderful city. Recall that in
June of this year, Amal gave birth to twins George and Ella Alexander. For Clooney
for the first time become a father in a young age, it was recently admitted
actor, a serious challenge.

“I admit, I never expected that I would become a father at 56 years of age, especially the father
twins. I was suddenly responsible for the lives of two little people
me is just appalling! So I want to advise: never build plans
just enjoy your life!” — said the actor. “I confess I did not expect,
being a dad at 56 years of age, especially the father of the twins. Suddenly I was
responsible for the lives of two little people — I find it simply appalling! So
I want to advise: never build plans, just enjoy life!” —
said the actor. Currently at home, as told Clooney, free time and
his wife, and he himself quite a bit. “My main job now is
to change diapers and to walk with the kids!” — said the actor.

However, Clooney does not complain that his order Amal a little
to deal with them. And, as shown recently taken by paparazzi pictures wife
the actor, who uses every free moment for sports and fitness
the hall is already almost completely managed to recover
antenatal form. “My wife looks just fine, like an Olympic athlete!” — admitted George.