Джордж Клуни назначил Амаль свидание на теннисном корте
Happy parents of the twins began to lead a secular lifestyle.

George and Amal Clooney


This morning George Clooney and his wife Amal came on the tennis court to compete in their favorite game for the first time after the birth of twins. The couple brought the children, Ella and Alexandra, born in June, in England, in Italy, in the house Clooney on lake Como. Since then, a couple only once saw in the restaurant with her mother Amal, who visited the grandchildren. Amal, her mother and George had been in the restaurant for 2 hours. And now the second time they decided to leave the twins in the care of a nanny.

Recently, Clooney broke out with an angry statement demanding to stop trying to photograph kids. It happened after the paparazzi managed to infiltrate the grounds and from a distance, but still capture Ella and Alexander, who have endured into the fresh air. The family of Cluny, according to eyewitnesses, the incident caused real rage. George has filed a lawsuit against the French tabloid and promised to continue to severely punish any newspaper for these actions.

And he has equipped all of their homes with additional security measures. In addition to cameras and round the clock security, Clooney ordered to build vulenerability the walls in the nursery, to equip the special “bunker” in case of emergency and so-called “panic room” where you can relive the invasion of the house of the uninvited guests or any more trouble, threatening the safety of children. Now, according to friends of the couple, even the most James bond is unlikely to disturb the beloved children of the actor and his wife-lawyer.