George Clooney admitted he was wearing the shoes on the platform to appear taller

Джордж Клуни признался: он  носит ботинки на платформе, чтобы казаться выше
The actor spoke about his experiences.

George Clooney


George Clooney, whose wife June gave birth to twins, despite the fact that
he was already 56 years old, feels still quite inexperienced father. “We
Amal still not get used to the fact that we
responsible for the lives of two little creatures. It’s funny, and scary!” —
confessed the actor.

Clooney boasted the first achievements of their kids,
at the age of four months.
George said that they have already learned
sit — while relying. Surely it makes especially Alexander, he did
much stronger than his with Ella. “He weighs almost three pounds more than
his sister. This little chubby guy big guy. He knows how to fight for their
right, and when she laughs, it makes the loudest,” said Clooney. Ella, according to George
is quite different: “She is elegant and graceful. She’s got amazing beautiful big
eyes and she do.” — said George, which is very good.

And recently the kids have overcome a significant
the turn — they started her on solid food. First, George was delighted that his
the twins are now, as adults. But changing the diapers after the carrot
mashed potatoes, he experienced a little shock. “I didn’t expect it to change much.
You know, I would advise other parents: “don’t feed your kids nothing but
milk, as long as they do not learn how to change diapers!” — joked

However, despite the joy of fatherhood, George and Amal took a firm
the decision to limit myself to two children, it would be enough trouble and with their two
kids. Incidentally, although the children are still quite tiny, Amal said to her husband,
it does not intend to deprive them of this year’s Halloween celebration. So Clooney
will soon have to come up with for them. He, like Amal,
going to dress up in 70s style. “shoes on the platform that I always wear
due to growth my wife will be here very by the way — in the style of the time!” laughs George.