George and Amal Clooney will renew their wedding vows

Джордж и Амаль Клуни возобновят свои свадебные клятвы
The actor and his wife planned a new ceremony.

George and Amal Clooney

George Clooney and his wife Amal conceived again
the vows of fidelity to each other. As
according to the source site,
they want thus to solve two problems at once. First, to mark the 3-year
my wedding anniversary, and secondly, to enable those of their friends who are not
was able to come first on the wedding, enjoy the new ceremony.

As the venue of their venture,
the couple chose Los Angeles. Moreover, according to available information, they do not
going to be limited to a modest event in the presence of the relatives
friends, and to arrange an impressive Banquet. In fact, rumors about their
intentions appeared for the first time shortly after the birth of twins Clooney – Ella
and Alexander. But the initial plan —
to conduct the ceremony exactly at the wedding anniversary that is in September, to carry out
failed. The twins were delivered Amal too much trouble, and the spouse
the actor was not entirely satisfied with how she looks – she had not yet in
fully able to return to its prenatal form. Now she still postrhinal and prepared to stand in front of the guests.

We recall that Clooney and Amal
the wedding took place in Venice in September 2014. The celebration lasted
then three days, and was attended by about 150 guests, among whom were many
stars of the first magnitude. Guests were living in a luxury hotel Aman Canal Grande
where George Clooney lived all guests, among whom was Cindy
Crawford’s husband Randy Gerber, actors Matt Damon
and bill
Murray, the leader of the group U2, Bono and editor of the American edition of Vogue magazine
Anna Wintour.