George and Amal Clooney were distributed among the passengers of the plane noise cancelling headphones

Джордж и Амаль Клуни раздали пассажирам самолета наушники с шумоподавлением

Passengers of one of the aircraft, which was heading from the USA to England told how George and Amal Clooney took care of their comfort during the flight. The fact that the family went home with a six-month old twins Ella and Alexander, which during the flight can start to scream or cry. They issued all passengers with noise cancelling headphones, which provided good flight.

Джордж и Амаль Клуни раздали пассажирам самолета наушники с шумоподавлением

On the headphones was a logo of the brand of tequila 56-year-old George Clooney’s Casamigos. In the application to headphones puzzled passengers were given a note of apology for the inconvenience during your flight. How was the journey to the stars and the passengers is not known, but all were pleasantly surprised by such a caring attitude towards others.

New father tries his best to be the best for their babies. The twins are growing rapidly and George is beginning to understand that being a caregiver is not so simple. “I’m so excited,” says 56-year-old Clooney on one of the red tracks. The actor opened up and admitted that the most shocking thing about fatherhood for him was the lack of control. Previously, he was expecting full control over their kids, now realizes they are not managed.

“I was surprised when the thought of that much control and in the end realized that I have no control,” says the actor. “I do not! I think all of this is quickly realized.”

“I admit, I never expected that I would become a father at 56 years of age, especially the father of the twins. I was suddenly responsible for the lives of two little people — I find it simply appalling! So I want to advise: never build plans, just enjoy life!” admits Clooney. A man tries by all means to help his wife in raising children and at the same time, spend enough time on career.

The birth of twins is clearly influenced by the actor who decided to change his life. He decided not to play in the movies. The actor said that it’s definitely not the end of his career. He even joked that if someone undertook to make a film with Paul Newman from the movie “the Verdict” that he would have passed the audition. The joke is that the actor died 26 September 2008. Now Clooney does not need the money, because according to him, he sold the company for the production of tequila and received a huge amount. Now he doesn’t need the money and can live a full leg. Acting in movies, according to the actor, it was a way of paying rent.

In June, George Clooney and his two business partners Randy Garber and Mike Meldman sold my company for the production of tequila, Calamigos, which received $ 1 billion.