Джордж и Амаль Клуни показали подросших детей-близнецов
The actor and his wife concealed the traces of a stormy night dark glasses.

Джордж и Амаль Клуни показали подросших детей-близнецов

George and Amal Clooney


Yesterday George Clooney and wife who are extremely reluctant to
show their children, yet allowed the paparazzi to photograph their 11-month old twins.
Reporters caught the actor and his wife when they went from the vessel,
brought them to Sardinia. Amal, dressed in simple summer white
dress appeared, holding the hands of daughter Ella, and George was carrying her twin brother
Alexander. Although since then, both in the media appeared the first images of children
it was not so much the time during that time toddlers have grown significantly. New photos can be seen on the website mirror.co.uk.

Now fans of the family Clooney busy discussing which of the parents are similar
children. Many came to the conclusion that Ella will become a copy of the Amal, because
now she has eyes just like my mom. This view is shared by the father of the actor, Nick. He argues that “Ella is just as beautiful as
and her mother”. As for Alexander, then, according to Clooney, Sr., the kid is very
similar to his father. Nick said that “Alexander’s nose — just like George”.

Interestingly, during the landing in Sardinia George and Amal had to hide their eyes behind dark glasses not only for “star” out of habit, but out of necessity. The day before they almost overnight fun at the wedding of Prince Harry and his bride. First they attended the Banquet in St. George’s hall Windsor castle, then in Frogmore House, where Prince Charles gave a much
less formal party with dancing and a sea of alcoholic beverages. After midnight
the most persistent guests (among them were George and Amal) continued to have fun at Chiltern Firehouse. To do the next morning without sunglasses it was hard.

Amal Clooney with a baby a month ago

Photo: sivtimes.com