George and Amal Clooney gave her future children a luxury tennis court

Джордж и Амаль Клуни подарили своим будущим деткам роскошный теннисный корт
And neighbors who were unhappy with the noise from the construction site, the actor gave a new… vacuum cleaner!

Джордж и Амаль Клуни подарили своим будущим деткам роскошный теннисный корт

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney recently celebrated a birthday at the new tennis court. Pregnant with twins Amal Clooney and her husband recently retired to his favorite house in the English County of Berkshire. George bought an old estate on the banks of the Thames near the sleepy little village of Sonning in 2014 as a gift to his beloved wife. And immediately began restructuring and home and garden. Clooney has invested in the renovation of their land more than 12 million pounds!

Of course, the desire Hollywood stars to turn their refuge into a fairy-tale Palace with all imaginable and unimaginable amenities upset the neighbors star couple. But charismatic George all literally charmed, so most of the villagers had survived, and the noise of bulldozers and other construction work. Because Amal and George are such nice and humble people, they love to walk in the old village pub, where we like to communicate with the locals. Clooney even tried to buy one of the most famous in the County drinking establishments, but confined itself to the spread of the tequila pub that advertises many years together with his best friend, the husband of Cindy Crawford.

And the most “harmful” enemies major update of the mansion, a couple of Sonning, George managed to bribe in the literal sense of the word! He offered them a “compensation package” for about 40 thousand pounds, including a week’s holiday in a luxury hotel on the island of Corfu. And gave them a new… vacuum cleaner! Probably their old units have failed, consuming the pile of dust — it was in abundance during construction.