George and Amal Clooney chose a place for the birth of twins

Джордж и Амаль Клуни выбрали место для рождения двойняшек

Amal and George Clooney will soon become parents, and two kids. For Amal and George’s future children will be the firstborn, because their birth couple is prepared carefully and meticulously. So, even before birth still have a few months, Clooney has already begun to choose the hospital in which the babies will be born. Close to the star couple informants said earlier that, most likely, kids are born in Italy – a country with which the couple has connected a lot of pleasant emotions and memories. We will remind, wedding, Clooney and Alamuddin (nee) was held in Italy – in actor’s house, located on lake Como.
But, to give birth to first-born Amal is not in Italy.

Clooney decided not to twitch, and opted for one of the London hospitals. Your choice the pair argued that in England concentrated their lives. In particular, in England, Amal engaged in legal practice.

After having children, Clooney will continue to live in the UK. Recall, the couple has a house, which is located in the city Sonning, Berkshire. Note that from this house Clooney recently had a lot of problems. Neighbors celebrities complained of constant exhausting their nerves noise. Clooney decided this conflict is very simple – relocated neighbors to the hotel, and even paid them a trip.