George and Amal Clooney can not find a place for the twins

Джордж и Амаль Клуни не находят себе места из-за близнецов The Hollywood star spoke about how fatherhood has changed his life. George Clooney admitted that he gladly changes diapers, and his house is filled with sounds of crying adorable twins. In recognition of the actor, he and his wife often worried about heirs.

In June, 56-year-old George Clooney became a father for the first time. The wife of the famous artist, lawyer Amal Alamuddin, has given him two adorable twins Ella and Alexander. News about the new addition to the family of a celebrity was one of the most talked-about events this summer, so the cast is now focused on special attention. Amal and George have become one of the most anticipated guests of the 74th Venice film festival, in which were presented a new picture of a man “Suburbicon”.

In support of his film, Clooney and his fiancee gave a candid interview with a popular glossy publication about the film industry. The artist does not hide that he was very happy to be a father. However, George thinks that he and Amal will no longer be to plan the replenishment of the family. “I’m 39, it’s late,” explained the wife of Hollywood stars. In recognition of Clooney, toddlers turned his life.

“It was crazy. You know, everything is in theory exactly to that pore while you do not have to experience it for yourself. I said, “Well, Yes, we plan to become parents”. And then, when it happened, I was covered, “Damn, I’m a father now!” – shared the actor.

According to Amal, her sister Tala is also raising twins, which the wife of actor finds remarkable. Of his children, Alexander and Ella is the darling of celebrities proudly said. “They are special”, – said the wife of Clooney told reporters. Amal also believes that George is a great dad.

Conversing with correspondents, Clooney admitted that now he never has to miss. Recently he and his wife devote all their free time to their children.

“My wife and I have a lot to worry, and she even more than I do. To the big surprise for me, I’m fine changing diapers… I think I was lonely a lifetime ago. Now my house is filled with sounds of crying babies. You should see what happens when my friends come to visit. They laugh while I’m changing diapers. For years I’ve made fun of it that deserve such an attitude,” says the man.

In a recent interview, George Clooney explained why he and Amal for a long time not had children. The actor says that he and his wife didn’t even think about it. When the beloved Clooney is still pregnant, they went for an ultrasound. The news that Amal is expecting twins, was a real surprise for the couple. “We thought it was some kind of mistake,” he told the man The Hollywood Reporter.