George and Amal Clooney can not choose the names of their children

Джордж и Амаль Клуни не могут выбрать имена своим детям
The actor with his wife preparing to the changes in life.

George and Amal Clooney


According to foreign media reports, George Clooney and his wife have already chosen the place where to be born twins, who are now carrying Amal.

As it became known, George with his wife
are planning, Amal, about the pregnancy, which became known in January of this
years will give birth in London. More
also, the first few years after the appearance of the twins to light the couple intend
to live in Britain. And in the future they intend to spend time in his home in Berkshire, then in Italy, in
America… However, as stated by the actor, after
the birth of children he and Amal will no longer risk it, as they did before
when visiting “dangerous” in the world – like the Congo or Sudan. “We decided that we
will lie a great responsibility as parents, and we won’t have rights
expose yourself to danger…” explained Clooney in a recent interview.

As for names for yet unborn twins
with them, the parents while that they are undecided. As recognized by Clooney, to make the final decision their way
the many friends of George, who absolutely teased the actor
for the first time will be a dad in 56 years. “If I called any of the names for a boy
as they begin: “Hey, no! Remember, name that Prime Minister!”
Or if I mention that I would like to name the baby Susan, as you hear: “Ha, what are you
forgot aunt Susan?!?” — laughingly told George. However, the future
parents still have time to think about names. Indeed, although the exact date
birth neither George nor Amal are not disclosed, is rumored to be Mrs. Clooney should not have
before June.