Gennady Khazanov ever deleted my brother from my life

Геннадий Хазанов навсегда вычеркнул брата из своей жизни People’s artist of the RSFSR came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Gennady Viktorovich has told about the difficult relationship with her mother and why once refused to communicate with his own father, though he lived in the same house.
Геннадий Хазанов навсегда вычеркнул брата из своей жизни

The comedian was born in the family, which broke up shortly after his birth. Khazanov mother – Iraida M. was brought up a future star of the local scene alone. As admitted by the actor Boris Korchevnikov, to find a common language, they managed with difficulty.

“I need to know what a Jewish mother…She lived a very long, hard life. To say that we had a cloudless relationship, I can’t. In childhood have often asked myself the question: “does She love me? Or loves himself in me?»

“In different minutes, it seemed different. She tried as she could to give me a soul. But as soon as I had the opportunity to leave the house, I did not hesitate – almost 24 years”, – said Gennady.

The artist noted that Iraida M. cold took his wife Zlata. Even after the birth of her granddaughter Alice, the woman rarely came to visit to the famous son. But the mother-in-law Khazanov lived in perfect harmony. “She was an amazing woman, kind, very bright. Always took my side in disputes, but now it’s gone… I was left alone, has to defend himself”, – with tears in eyes, remembered the actor mother wife.

Khazanov told that about his own father Victor G. Lukacher, the engineer in the field of radio and sound recordings, he learned only in adulthood. As it turned out, the actor lived with my dad in the same house.

“It so happened that in the 36 years I got an apartment in 14-storey tower on Yakimanka. Had no idea that in the same building on the 6th floor lives my father, then a neighbor told me. And he, I’m sure, once I found out it absolutely right. He saw me, his granddaughter Alice when she walked, but he never approached either her or me. I do not blame him, everyone in life has their own motivation, people don’t commit wanton acts, then there is something that prevented the Pope then. Mom didn’t know about where dwells the father, one hundred percent. She rarely stayed in my house. It’s possible that dad just could not see in this woman the one that he has a son. Mom never discussed it in our family it was not accepted. Once I tried to speak with dad in the early 80’s, but quickly realized that mom doesn’t want to talk on this subject,” said Khazanov.

But Gennady Viktorovich, his father had three more children: daughter Natalia born from the first marriage before the war, and younger brothers George and Andrew, was born in the third family. However, people’s artist does not want to communicate with them. “I saw an interview with one of the brothers. There he explained why my father left my mother and left her for another woman. The questions I wanted to ask him, no longer needed, I understand after reading. Brother has answered all. In that article there was a lot disrespectful to my mother,” said Khazanov.

The comedian said that today is absolutely happy, he lives with his beloved wife Golden over 40 years, headed the Moscow state variety theater. Sometimes Khazanov participated in a television talk show in the jury. “I don’t feel that I pissed away life. You should try to stop feeling sorry for yourself, minimize it. I seem to age better, because I, probably, in his youth was impossible. Really wanted success, fame, believed that it could not be. Now I understand: it is harder to remain human”, – said the artist.

Gennady said he was proud of the sole heir to Alice. The actor’s daughter was following in his footsteps, successfully acted in films and even tried his hand as a Director. “Alice is a talented person when I see her on screen, I do not work his father’s reflexes, that’s my daughter. She is my only deepest respect, she never wanted her, as many have lobbied in some projects. I know that must be very sensitive to treat children and grandchildren. Understand that Alice already has her own life, family. Here it is today I not called, for example, and the next day I suddenly recognized what she was viewing in the cinema House. Well, I learned a day later that such. I’m not in that condition to me every hour to control. I’m not offended” – ironically summed up Gennady Viktorovich.