Gemini George Clooney debuted on television

Близнецы Джорджа Клуни дебютировали на телевидении
The actor admitted that he was afraid to hurt their children.

George Clooney


Recently George Clooney and his friend Matt Damon amused viewers of the TV show
Jimmy Kimmel Away. It all started with the fact that 56-year-old Clooney came to the show to tell
a little bit about how he copes with the twins. And a little later in the Studio
suddenly, there was a friend of George Matt Damon. And, not one, and with
a double buggy. Matt explained that helps your friend in free
time looking for his twins.

In this case, the camera did not show themselves
children, and only the edge of pink and grey-blue
the cradle hanging from strollers. Matt
explained that came for a while, because it’s time for children to sleep, and in the Studio
too noisy. And then Damon was asked to show the audience the kids. The
leaned over the stroller and pulled out two bundles, which were immediately dropped on
Paul. The audience gasped in horror… But fear immediately gave way to loud laughter,
as it became clear that no kids in strollers and there was! Famous jokers Damon and Clooney just inventively played a leading
and the audience…

However, at home the older Clooney
a true Gemini. Ella and Alexander, whom Clooney’s wife — Amal
gave birth this summer, recently turned three months. Although children quickly
grow up, they still seem to George, tiny and incredibly fragile. “When
I pick them up, every time I am afraid to hurt them!” — admitted George. As
told the actor, although Ella and Alexander are twins, they are very different — and
character and appearance. Ella has big eyes and it claims Clooney similar
his wife Amal and behaves like a real lady. And Alexander is much
bigger sisters, the — he’s a real tough guy and a funny guy. “He already knows how to sit and
laughs louder than all of us!” — proudly announced