Близнецы Бейонсе заселились во дворец
Kids finally released from the hospital.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

According to the reporter website tmz.com he is now allowed Beyonce with her
newborn babies leaving the UCLA Medical Center. According to the informant
site, health status of the twins stabilized enough that they
could go home.

all the family — Beyonce with kids, her husband
and daughter blue ivy — were settled in
luxurious mansion in Malibu, which they rented shortly before the birth of children.
For rent house, called Villa Contente singer and her spouse have to pay
mind-blowing sum of 400 thousand dollars per month. But this is not surprising, because their new house the locals called it as “a Palace on the beach.”

The total area of the mansion, built in
Mediterranean style — more than a thousand
square meters. It is located on a plot of land of 2.5 hectares and out of it
stunning views of the ocean. From
former homes in Beverly hills, where lived the family before Beyonce and Jay-Z had to be abandoned after the mansion was discovered the mold,
dangerous to the health…

As previously reported, about two weeks ago, Beyonce
gave birth to two kids. However, neither the singer nor her husband and the father of children
Jay-Z — still not only shared with his fans no
details concerning the birth of children, but not even commented on this very

However, overseas media leaked information about
the twins supposedly born “physiologically
immature” and suffered from a complicated form “zheltushki the newborn”. So they
kept in hospital to conduct necessary medical treatment and to avoid unpleasant
consequences that threatened their status up to possible delays