Газманов-младший крупно оскандалился в Сети
The son of pop singer explained his behavior.

Rodion Gazmanov

Photo: @rodder13 Instagram Rodion Gazmanov

Rodion Gazmanov fighting with fans in social networks. 36-year-old singer completely overreact to the criticism of detractors and as a result has provoked a real scandal. It began with a seemingly innocuous publication Rodion about his charitable activities. Recently Gazmanov Jr. became a Trustee of the Fund “an old Age in pleasure”. The artist regularly talks to fans about his work, including educational related to this charitable organization.

Recently, detractors have attacked the judge with criticism, say, his desire to help others is pure PR. Gazmanov was unpleasantly surprised by this reaction and in response published a photo where it shows an obscene gesture with his middle finger. “Deeply saddened by the fact that even under the post about the charity can find commentators seeking to insert their “Fe”. The gesture, in fact, is dedicated to them. What drives these people, I don’t understand!” — posted by Rodion. However, this picture is even more “challenged” spiteful critics.

They answered, in pieces, not mince words, criticized the work of Rodion. “After my post with the picture where I show the people who write mean things to me, the middle finger, I received a lot of indignant comments. People whose existence I had never known, threatened to unsubscribe and was given to understand that the fact that they subscribe to my Instagram, it turns out, requires me to conform to their notions of what is good and what is bad. The attached video needs, I think, to finally dot the i, e and others in need of these letters. I don’t like hypocrites and whiners. Their significant-refined behavior, in fact, embroidered with white thread, will never be an example for me. If you have a sense of humor and self-irony, I’ll always be glad to communicate with you” — said Rodion and posted a video with cut scenes from cult movies, where the characters “send” their abusers.