Гевин Россдейл заинтересовался бывшей пассией Тайгера Вудса

At the time, as singer Gwen Stefani is going to marry his current chosen Blake Shelton, Gavin Rossdale also builds his personal life. Two years have passed after the famous couple divorced, and it’s time to move forward.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, a new passion Gavin was Elin Nordegren, the former lover of tiger woods. This he said in an interview with the Sun.
“A friend told me: “You have to meet Elin. She’s great”. He tried several times to hook us up. Several times I wrote her a text message just to say Hello. She lives in Florida and she really wonderful girl. Unfortunately, we haven’t met tete-a-tete,” said Rossdale.
Virtual affair continues, but hurry Gavin is not intended. This is the first relationship of the Rossdale since the breakup with his wife. Three children Gwen and Quina live with your mother from time to time visiting dad. New elect Blake Shelton very quickly replaced them father, and Rossdale is not concerned that the children were left unattended.
Recall that the reason for the separation of the spouses became Gavin’s infidelity with the nanny of their children Mandy bag FR. To learn that Rossdale had an affair with the nanny while she bore him a third child, Stephanie filed for divorce. The relationship with Blake literally saved the singer. Now the couple is preparing for wedding.

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