Родившая девочку без руки жена Александра Серова сбежала из больницы New details have emerged of the incident many years ago of the incident. How did you learn the medical workers, stebeneva Elena could give up the child herself. Then they are not consisted with Serov married, therefore he could not legally sign any paper.
Родившая девочку без руки жена Александра Серова сбежала из больницы

In the new issue of “actually” tried to understand the mystery of the birth of their first child Alexander Serov from his wife Elena Lebedevoj. The actor admitted that he learned about his wife’s pregnancy not once, in two months. Singer Nadia Chepraga, which was a gift of the fortune teller told him that the baby wasn’t his. So the revealed card.

“Lena started to poison this child,” says Serov.

Experts believe that Elena really could try to get rid of the baby because he knew that his father was not Alexander Serov. In the Soviet Union was in a difficult situation with abortion, therefore, it is likely that it alone took some medicine.

I born the baby had a heart problem, was missing a hand. Serov was expecting a baby. Dmitry, his Manager, oversaw the entire process of childbirth.

“When I arrived, the doctor came out and said that the child died,” said Alexander.
Родившая девочку без руки жена Александра Серова сбежала из больницы

Serov himself does not remember exactly who was born a boy or a girl. Alexander never discussed with Elena the fact that the child was not his. Many felt his actions noble.

The singer gave the dead child. Experts have wondered why the artist did not require? “Supposedly they leave the body for research, so do not give up. They had such a form. What was I supposed to say?” the musician said.

Serov was of the opinion that Elena could also sign the document. To the same woman too quickly recovered from the tragedy.

Nurse Ludmila kuhtina appeared in the Studio to elaborate about the day when the baby is born. “In 1991 we received the girl’s Alexander Serov. She gave birth to a girl. She has to elbow didn’t have a pen, and Mama Elena, leaving the child has left the hospital. About five in the morning she ran through the emergency room. She was looking for. As far as I know, went to Alexander Serov. In a day or two later, the baby died. In the hospital said that Alexander wrote the abandonment of the child, but they were not married. Called them”, – said the woman.

Head of the Department said that the parents just were not ready to accept such a child. The elderly woman confirmed that the baby really died.